Your Trichologist & Stylist

I am Vanessa Hawthorne, a licensed Cosmetologist and Trichologist. I have 27 years as a cosmetologist Hair Loss Practitioner and Trichologist.
I started in the hair industry with a focus in natural hair care. While enjoying this area of beauty, I discovered I had a passion for hair growth and the overall health of hair. I started my journey on the Road to Recovery Follicles.
I opened my first salon in California with a strong desire to stand out from other salons in the area. I created a Treatment Center/Salon with a very peaceful atmosphere that allows clients a private and safe environment. their care was top notch. I soon became known in my community as the “Hair Doctor” for the amazing results seen in my clients.

After achieving my hair loss practitioner certification, I had a greater comprehension for various hair and scalp disorders that allowed me to work with each client to get to “The Root of the Problem”. Once we understand what the root of the problem is, we can institute techniques and apply products to correct the problem.

This became my catchphrase which I still use today, and it is the basis of one of my specialized natural products. My philosophy is that taking care of the internal issues will allow our external hair to grow and glow. Our hair should not only look good but BE good.

As a result of working with me I will…


Men & Women who suffer with hair loss typically fail to recover because they don’t identify the cause(s) before starting a treatment. Using my proven 3-step strategy I will help you Identify the cause of your hair loss with a scalp analysis before devising a treatment in an effort to eradicate or stabilize your hair loss.


Once I have identified the root cause(s) of your hair loss, I will compose a treatment plan to effectively stabilize your hair loss. Taking this approach yields the most successful results. It takes a minimum of 3 months for the cells of the body to regenerate; therefore, it may take up to 3 months for your body to adjust to the treatment before you may see progress. Keep in mind that each person responds to treatment differently. In order to achieve maximum results you must trust the process and be consistent with the treatment program. Hair recovery is a Marathon not a Sprint, therefore you must allow time for the process to be effective.


In approximately 3 months (in most cases) your body and hair will begin to show signs of healing. Recovery is only possible in the areas you have active follicles (discovered during the scalp analysis). Once your body is completely back into balance, your hair loss will become stabilized and your hair and health will show signs of restoration or stabilization. In certain cases a full recovery may not be possible due to follicle degeneration; therefore you can only expect to recover hair in the areas where follicles are active.